Hello, Yum Crumbs! as I’m sure you all saw on my Insta, my trip to Charleston,
South Carolina was unforgettable and extraordinarily delectable! On my trip to
Charleston I was asked by a local “was it everything that you imagined or more”
in my response was and more and more and more. Visiting Charles there was an
incredible experience and without a doubt —one of my top foodie travel
adventures thus far. I’ve encouraged every foodie that I’ve encountered that is a
Foodie to travel to Charleston to experience the food for themselves! The city is
charming, the locals are inviting, and the food is absolutely amazing! Every single
morsel I ate in Charleston was awe-inspiring! I’m going to give you a rundown of
my adventures in Charleston, and some tips for your first time in the #holycity
A PRO TIP For My First-Timers
Pro Tip: Always prepare for each adventure by contacting well-known bloggers in
the city you’re visiting. Local bloggers are typically my go-to source for top-tier
newly-opened restaurants and hidden gems around the city.
I’m lucky enough to have a good friend from Charleston. Here’s the backstory on
Charleston KJ: This trip actually our first time meeting in person, although we’ve
spoken regularly since I ambushed him on Clubhouse (LOL)! KJ is a Charleston
native, and his blog, www. Blackfoodfridays.com offers first-hand knowledge on
the black-owned happenings in the city. Check out KJ’s blog for insider info on
where to go and what to do while in Charleston! KJ supports black food, beverage, and products
in spaces all over the world, but especially in his hometown of Charleston.
Thankfully, KJ was my tour guide for the entirety of my stay in his hometown.
Day One:
My first stop was my lovely hotel, SpringHill Suites Suites, by Hilton on the
waterfront. SpringHill Suites was a great choice, as it is centrally located, so
nothing was further than fifteen minutes to twenty minutes away, including Folly
Beach. I booked a room overlooking the water, so I could enjoy watching the sun
rising in the AM, and the moonlight’s reflection each night. Immediately after
checking in, I went straight up to 45 Waterside, the hotel’s rooftop bar, which
overlooks the water. The bubbly bartender was super welcoming and served the
most noteworthy Ranch Water libations.

@hgicharelstonwaterfront HGI Hilton Charleston Waterfront

KJ‘s first planned stop on our food tour was to Gillie’s Seafood, a family-owned
favorite, with an award-winning menu. The fare at Gillies’ is unforgettable! As I
mentioned on Instagram–I judge a restaurant by the number of times I have to
revisit, and we went back for more 3 out of the four days during my visit to
Charleston– so that tells you what you need to know!
We ordered the Seafood Gumbo, She Crab Soup ( a cream-based crab soup,
topped with crab roll, hence the name, “she-crab” ) The pig for seafood platter we
got crabcakes to fry fish fried calamari and fried oysters! I ordered macaroni and
cheese and greens. I’m not a big rice eater, which was very surprising to the
people of Charleston, I might add! I’ll take mac and cheese over rice any day!
The waitress at Hannibals looked at me like you’re not gonna get any rice?! I looked
at her shamefully and was like “Nah sis I’m actually good”. I did try some other
Rashad’s plate and it was very tasty but if I got options I’m definitely going for
macaroni and cheese over rice! sorry not sorry! Lol
Sadly, they were out of fried alligator, which I know is good because KJ asked
about it at least twice, only to be told they were out, so I’m excited to go back and
try that! Simply put, every dish we devoured at Gillie’s was amazing!

Gillies Soul Rolls stuffed with red rice, pulled pork, greens, and

Day Two:

KJ knows I love engaging in cultural activities during my travels, so he planned a venturesome crabbing excursion by way of his friend,Tia. Casual Crabbing With Tia happens to be one of Airbnb’s TOP experiences in the world! This gripping experience affords participants the opportunity to connect with the rich Gullah Geechee heritage Charleston is known for. I was extremely history and having someone there that is a native from generations back teaching authentic past times that Charlestonians have been doing over centuries was very special. I’m not gonna tell too much about the experience, so as to not spoil it for you, but definitely take some time to visit Tia on your Charleston visit. We followed up our crustacean excursion with another outdoor adventure at Angel Oak Park. What I love most is as big and majestic and as magical as the trees seem the lady that was at the gate told us that there is no magic in the tree that she seen people take their shoes off rub Cristal saying turn around three
times in a circle but it’s just a tree on a plantation that was owned by a slave master Mr. angel. I appreciated the fact that she kept it funky! And I can only imagine what she has seen people do in order to conjure up the tree’s magical nonexistent powers! Lol

Rodney Scott’s Barbecue: Smoked Chicken,Ribs, Greens,Potato Salad, Mac, Banana Pudding

For dinner, we headed to Rodney Scott’s Barbecue. How cool is it that we were privileged enough to eat Rodney Scott’s barbecue WITH THE Rodney Scott?! It was an absolute honor! He brought us a smorgasbord of the whole hog pulled pork, delicious ribs, smoked chicken, heavenly collard greens, and creamy macaroni and cheese. We finished this palatable experience off with Rodney’s famous banana pudding-whew! I got to meet Remy Scott (insert)a few months ago when I attended the Food and Wine Family Reunion by Kwame and Miss Sheila Johnson, owner of the Salamander Resort. As I mentioned in my Instagram post, (insert) we became fast friends! I was truly honored and blessed by the opportunity to break bread with him in a place where
he has put in the work and is reaping benefits! I am genuinely proud of him as a chef, and from what I know about him as a man! KJ, Rashad, and I were sincerely enlightened by all of the gems he generously shared during our dinner.
My two biggest takeaways were:

  1. Stay humble, even when you are elevated to a position of power
  2. Don’t let your emotions regulate your decisions.
    He put it far more eloquently, of course, but those truth nuggets were abundantly
    appreciated. We ended the night with cocktails and dancing at Mesa Restaurant,
    in Downtown Charleston. We wandered around and playfully snuck into the hotel
    lobby to play a little piano selection, we eventually ended the night on a high
    Day 3:
    Day three was super easygoing, because we didn’t start till 5 PM in the evening.
    I’m all for rest and relaxation-especially on a trip! I’ll go hard for the first two days,
    relax the third day, and then, I’m ready to go hard again (depending on the length
    of my trip), but this is my typical vacay itinerary.
    We were up and out just in time to ride down to scenic Folly Beach to enjoy the
    sunset. I recommend a trip to Folly, known as one of the country’s last beach
    towns, simply because the eventide views are akin to a palette painted by God,
    himself. I used my time near the ocean to meditate and express my gratitude for

this beautiful experience. As I meditated, I acknowledged the sounds of the
waves and relished my appreciation to the ocean for providing the calming
mindfulness soundtrack.
Lastly, we headed back into town and stopped at the highly recommended
Tattooed Moose, for duck club sandwiches. The food fare was fire flames, for real!
Take my advice: Don’t EVER visit Charleston, South Carolina without having a
duck club sandwich-PERIOD!
To end the trip we went and crossed the mega bridge and got a slow Mo video
from the sunroof! (Insert) Epic!
Here to the Yum! Cheers to the crumb!