After hearing the news of Chef Kwame Onwuachi opening a new eatery at the Salamander, DC resort, I was beyond excited to experience it myself. In the past, I had attended family reunions nearby but never stayed at the actual Salamander resort. This time, I had the opportunity to visit DC for a Rosé festival and thought it would be the perfect chance to explore and share my experience with all of you.
What Defines Luxury?
This question has often crossed my mind, especially as I’ve traveled to various hotels and stayed in different cities. However, after my visit to the Salamander, I can confidently say that luxury lies in the meticulous attention to detail and quality of service. It’s those little things that make all the difference. From being greeted with a glass of Moët upon arrival, the option to request a charger if forgotten, personalized service addressing me by name, plush and clean towels readily available, a shower with three heads in a spacious bathroom, to indulging in exquisite room service even at 2 AM – every aspect exuded luxury. Moreover, I cherished moments like spring afternoon tea with delectable bites of lobster rolls, salmon, caviar, champagne, and fresh jasmine tea. These experiences are what I live for – the ability to capture attention with my camera, surprising onlookers, and showcasing the wonders of a place. It’s a privilege to share my stories with those who may not have the opportunity to go, opening their minds to new possibilities and experiences.
Beyond Expectations:
Returning to the topic of the legendary bedding, I must say it was incredibly soft and luxurious. Let’s not forget to mention the high-quality lotions, soaps, and amenities that add to the Salamander’s allure. The resort even offers bikes for guests to explore within a 2-mile radius, and their remarkable spa, known for its (plug), is simply outstanding.
Personal Delight:
I must confess that I was simply elated to be there. It was surreal for a girl like me, Lagmay, who grew up in a questionable high school in Houston, Texas, to find herself sipping spring tea at the Salamander as an invited guest. Life is truly good and delicious, and I’m thrilled to share this journey with all of you.
The breakfast at the Salamander is a must-try, despite not being complimentary. It offers a delightful selection ranging from a cold station with bagels, lox, cream cheese, and an assortment of yogurts, to the savory goodness of thick-cut bacon, pancakes, chicken, and pork sausages. I highly recommend trying their mouthwatering almond bar as well – it’s worth every penny.
And let’s not forget the bed! You absolutely have to experience a night of blissful sleep in these luxurious accommodations. It was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. After stepping out of the shower, slipping into something silky against my freshly washed skin, and diving into the perfect, snug sleep space—it was simply amazing.
The other highlight was the vibrant atmosphere in the foyer and the bar lounge. It was a gathering place for people from around the world, enjoying the chef’s seasonal offerings and curated drinks. The view was breathtaking as well. Now, this might sound a bit self-indulgent, but I have to mention how much I appreciated the VIP treatment. The staff not only treated me like royalty but addressed me by my first and last name, making me feel incredibly valued and respected. It was a priceless experience that exceeded all my expectations.
Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary journey, “Here’s to the YUM. Cheers to the CRUMB!!”