Must know Guide: The Food & Wine Family Reunion: Hosted by Kwame Onwuachi & Sheila Jhonson at the Salamander

August 18th-22nd
Food and Wine Family Reunion:

Let me start by saying that I had imagined what this event would be but there was nothing that could’ve prepared me for one of the top three moments of my life! From here on out I most definitely will be making this an annual trip until it gets oversaturated and I can just wear my badge as one of the OG Vets! I cannot wait to see what this event becomes and grows into ! I hope it always keeps its very approachable “Come as friends leave as family” feels!

The biggest #yumcrumb I can give!! “GO WITH A GROUP!! ”-Chef Vicky V

I mean besides the perk of sharing Expenses, the event itself is set up to be a shared one!! Because all the stories that you will have can only be fully understood by those who attended!

How much:
Let get right to the cash of it all. Yumcrumbs, You are going to dig into your coin purse for this one! But it’s some of the best money you can buy!

Ticket packages :
Unlike last year there are only three packages to choose from as of May 10
Thursday, August 18 – Sunday, August 21
From $4532 single occupancy, $6382 double
Stay at the Salamander resort plus all events
All events pass without lodging accommodations


  • Welcome Reception Afternoon Cook Out on Thursday
  • Dinner events on Friday and Saturday including Dance Hall and Block Party
    The day package option from last year is no longer an option.
    Keep in mind that this is a vibe and an investment anyone who is a foodie or considers and sells
    a foodie and loves a black culture and is immersed in what is going on in the food scene as it
    comes to black professionals in the Trail Blazers and this is not only an investment but a
    vacation and also opportunity to build on your bucket list!

*When to start saving?
If you have not started to save for the Family reunion you should not only do you wanna
experience this but you want to experience it fully! Ticket sales are divided up into tiered
packages which is smart!
If you wanna experience but you only have a coin to budget for one or two days my
recommendation would be to come on Friday and Saturday (night pass)! While the first day is
great everybody is checking in and and a lot of people will wait till the actual weekend to come
in! And by Sunday most people have checked out and are headed back or planning to head
back to their homes!

*The vibes
-comfy cute shoes & a pair of sneakers
(Last Year was very muddy! )
It’s on the actual grounds under big tents. Hopefully this year they will have flooring!

*Lodging and wheels
The salamander is an extremely lovely resort with edible gardens, equestrian facilities, sparkling
pools and a 5 star luxury atmosphere!
Most def if your coins will allow stay there do so! and have the full fledge experience!! However,
there are a few hotels & air b&bs that are in the area. That are nestled right between the airport
and the Salamander.
Here are a few to check out:

Rideshare is scarce in middleburg . My recommendation is that you and your group rent a car
and spit that thang up! Lol

Pro Tip:
I have been to several Food& Wine events at this point. And while I’m no expert there are a few
things I have picked up on the way. The BIGGEST OF ALL is that this is a 4day event! It’s a
marathon…. Not a race! With all you can eat and drink… pace thy self… before you wreck thy
*how to pick my package
Easy. Pick the Biggedt one your coin can afford!
What was the funnest night?
Sat night was the funnest in my opinion! The Block party! Best food annnnnnnd Partying with
Dave Chapelle. Too lit! ��
I am more than excited to to attend 2022. Not sure how it could be any better than last year but
I’m ready

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